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New!   -   Maryland Small Ruminant Book - FREE DOWNLOAD!

Nevada Groups and Lists

NGPA on Facebook


Our Facebook Page

Reno Goats on Facebook


Reno Goats on Facebook

Learning about Goats

Book - Diet for Wethers


Excellent book on keeping wethers healthy.

Book - The Meat Goat Handbook



How to raise meat goats successfully

Nevada Goat Producers on Yahoo


NGPA official Yahoo Group open to NGPA members. Let your voice be heard.

FiasCo Farm


Read this First!


Washington State Disease Laboratory


Blood tests for contagious diseases - CAE, CL, TB, Brucellosis, Q Fever

National Scrapie Eradication Program


USDA Scrapie Program requirements

Assessing Kid Health

PDF Downoad

Universal Biomedical Research Laboratory


Blood tests for CAE, Johne's Disease, Milk test for Pregnancy

Biosecurity on the Farm

CAE,CL, and Johne's cannot be cured


Keep your animals free of disease

It's Spring!  Metabolic Diseases and Treatment


Nevada Junior Livestock Board


We provide an opportunity for the 4-H and FFA members to exhibit their livestock projects before the public, thus promoting and providing the incentive for achieving excellence in livestock production skills and practices.

Local Livestock Supplies

Kent's Supply


Livestock feed and supplies and building materials

Shauls Manufacturing


Sheep and Goat handling equipment

High Desert Grange


Committing to the betterment of our community\ & Strengthening our community today for a better tomorrow!

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