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Board of Directors:

President, Director - Carl Clinger, Lovelock
Treasurer, Donna Withers,  Fallon
Secretary, Patricia Cannon, Winnemucca
Director, Program Director - Gloria Montero, Lovelock
Director - Anne Williams, Winnemucca
Director, Membership Chair - Jean Harrison, Reno
Director, Betsy Lau, DVM, Reno
Director, Debrah Hoffman, Fallon

Life Members

Gloria Montero
Montero Goat Farm (USDA Certified Goat Meat)
Weed Warriors (Noxious weed control the natural way)
Nevada representive of USBGA
*Lifetime Member*

Earl & Diane Allen

DE Ranch

Lovelock, NV 89419


Commercial and registered boer goats

*Lifetime Members*

Vance & Bonnie Perino
Winnemucca, NV 89445
775 421-2042
*Lifetime Members*

Woodrow and Linda Cunrod
Cunrod Cattle
Reno, NV 89506
775-972-5158 or 775-842-8169 (cell).
Boer Goats For Sale
*Lifetime Members*

Donna Withers
Withers 5 Rancho
Fallon, NV 89406
775 423-5287
Boer Goats - registered and commercial
*Lifetime Member*

Mike and Barb Stremler
Jersey Valley Cattle Co. LLC
Winnamucca, NV 89446
775-635-5445   775-625-0225
Meat Goats by the trailer or truck load
Landscape restoration and weed control
*Lifetime Member*

Patricia Louise Cannon/John MClendon
Wind Haven Farm
Winnemucca, NV
*Lifetime Member*

Amy Monette
Monette's Menagerie
Reno, NV 89511
Nigerian Dwarf Goats

"Lifetime Member"

Hoffmann Hill Farm
Debra & Annie Hoffmann
Fallon, NV  89406
Purebred and Percentage Boers, breeding stock and project animals.  Family milk goats. CL, CAE, & Johne's tested herd. Farm Fresh Eggs.

"Lifetime Member"

Jon Rau

Rau Bees

Fallon, NV


"Lifetime Member"

Laurel Marshall

Eureka, Nevada,

"Lifetime Member"

Jonnn McClendon

Wind Haven Farm LLC

Carl Clinger

Clinger Ranch

Lovelock, NV

*Lifetime Member*

Paula Terrell
Creamcup Mini's
Quality Dairy Goats for the Modern Homestead
Reno, NV
*Lifetime Member*

Jeannie Lou Parrish
Wagon Wheel Ranch
Winnamucca, NV 89446
775 623-0197
*Lifetime Member*

Paul Stanley Rumbaugh
Zuni's Acres
11620 Chesapeake Drive
Reno, NV
*Lifetime Member*

Hillclimber Boer Goats
Owned and operated by the Scronce Family
Pahrump, NV
Phone: 775-751-1541
*Lifetime Member*

Snow and Savannah Morrison

S & S Boer Goats



"Lifetime Member"

Anne and Steve Williams
Grandma's Goat Garden
Winnamucca, NV


"Lifetime Member"

Sharon Bower

Angel's Rest Ranch

Winnemucca, NV


"Lifetime Member"

Richard Hutchings

Hutchings Boer Goats

Fallon, NV


"Lifetime Member"

Sergio DeLaRosa
DeLaRosa Boer Goats
Las Vegas, NV

"Lifetime Member"

Brenda Alves

Quiet Echos Farm

Supporting Members

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